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Industrial Safety Auto/Marine Truck and Fleet
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Item# 930010PF

This collection is designed to meet the needs of several specific jobs and industries that often require a specialized mix of first aid supplies. Each kit features English and Spanish labels and rubber case gaskets. Contractor kits meet ANSI Z308.1-2009. 7 11/16"L x 4 9/16"H x 2 3/8"W. Contents subject to change without notice.

Item# 9CO5

Provides a loud warning signal against the dangers of elevated carbon monoxide levels. Also provides continuous monitoring of CO levels—even during power outages (when AC-only units are not providing protection). Multiple mounting options: wall or table top.

Item# 520FRF

During a medical emergency, time is a luxury that first responders can’t afford. That’s why these portable kits contain a comprehensive array of carefully chosen products to deal with the common emergencies professionals face, like administering CPR, mitigating burns, and cleaning bodily fluids to name a few. Each kit easily accommodates additional trauma kit supplies. 16"L x 8 3/4"H x 7 1/2"W. Contents subject to change without notice.

Item# 21111B

Ready to tackle flammable liquid and electrical fire hazards in industrial and commercial settings, these units are ideally suited for indoor applications, where delicate equipment or processes require a clean extinguishing agent. And CO2 is exactly that—a clean gaseous extinguishing agent that leaves no residue to clean up or damaged equipment to replace.

Item# 21008908LEG

Alarm utilizes sophisticated electronic components to protect occupants from the dangers of carbon monoxide. It includes a slide-out battery door cover for immediate access to the batteries and a low battery signal to alert users when the battery needs to be replaced. This easy-to-install alarm a 7-year life and a 5-year limited warranty.
NOTE: Sold to Qualifying Legislation States and Cities Only.

Item# PE9E

Alarms may alarm sooner than ionization alarms to slow smoldering fires. They also feature a low-battery indicator and a 10-year warranty.

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