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Industrial Safety Auto/Marine Truck and Fleet
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Item# 0916E

Alarms may provide early warning of fast flaming firesand operate on a 9V battery that provides continuous protection, even during a power outage. No wiring required. UL Listed.

Item# 249OPAC

Item# 4022KC2

Coated gloves deliver a tactile sensitivity and dexterity with excellent gripping power. The light, seamless knit nylon liner increases breathability for greater comfort, too, while the elasticized wrists improve safety and security. Durability-boosting nitrile coating also generates greater protection for hands. CE score 4131. Blue/Black. Sold 60/Case.


A concentrated, super-powerful product that stops rust in its tracks—on tools, machines, vehicles, and more. It oxidizes corrosion and scale to brighten surfaces too. Once dry, it leaves behind a clear acrylic coating that lasts for years with or without painting.

Item# 21007866B

These extinguishers are faster to service, thanks to their large neck openings and square-thread designs. Plus they come with easy-to-read, two-piece nameplates. Other features include heavy-duty metal siphon tubes, no-scratch hose straps, and large pull pins for easy removal.

Item# 541001QC

Cleans air-conditioner coils and fins. Just spray it on and it does the rest. Rinsing is not necessary either, if the unit is functioning and producing moisture (rinse only if unit is removed for repair or isn't producing moisture). For central cooling systems, air conditioners, and vehicle air conditioners. 15 oz aerosol. 12/Case.

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