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Item# 221UFAOF

This 93-Piece Vehicle Kit is designed for fleet and commercial vehicles and features a metal case full of quality brand products that are easily accessible in an emergency. It also offers easy refilling with the help of a full-color reordering schematic. Contents subject to change without notice. 9 1/16"L x 6 5/16"H x 2 3/8"W.

Item# 46622701K

Extinguishers feature metal valves and aluminum or steel cylinders and are designed to meet most commercial and industrial applications. The seamless aluminum and steel cylinders feature chip-resistant paint, while the handle and lever are made of pressed heavy-gauge metal for added strength. Checking the pressure is fast and easy with a reliable pressure gauge. ABC-type dry chemical units use a non-toxic monoammonium phosphate agent that effectively fights A, B, and C class fires.

Item# 247OFAOF

These First Aid Stations are specifically designed to provide the most complete first aid protection available in each size. The balanced assortment of supplies will handle most first aid needs. Each metal cabinet is dust-proof and wall-mountable. Meets or exceeds OSHA guidelines and ANSI Z308.1-2009 Standards. Contents subject to change without notice. 15"L x 16 1/2"H x 5 1/2"W.

Item# 61400SL

The Enduro® LED Headlamp is ergonomically correct, and at only 2.75 oz (with batteries), it offers a comfortable fit on any head. The light's center of gravity provides maximum stability during use as well. Headlamp comes with a rubber/elastic combo head strap and visor clip. 2 1/4"W x 1 5/8"D x 1 5/16"Dia.

Item# 4004000K

Lightweight, easy-to-use disposable units are the perfect answer for areas that need supplemental protection. Their seamless aluminum cylinders have no welds, so they won't leak.

Item# 466729K

Units are environmentally safe, featuring a clean agent that leaves no residue. These specialty fire extinguishers protect computer rooms, data storage, telecommunication, robotics, and other high-tech industries.