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Item# 18320DY

One of the most powerful insecticides available, it instantly knocks down wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, and bees. It also sprays up to 20' and has a dielectric breakdown voltage of 40,700. 12 oz aerosol. 12/Case.

Item# 107836SPC

Socs are filled with all-natural corncob and can soak up all liquids (except aggressive fluids). 3" x 42". Gray. 40/Case.

Item# 36885KC2

Features patented MicroForce™ barrier SMS fabric and elastic tops, which contain dirt on shoes for process protection. Sizing is generous to cover work shoes for personal protection as well as carpet and floor protection. Universal sizing. White. 150 Pair/Case.
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Item# 1417F12JL

Item# SW287SY

Coil cleaner features a delayed foaming action that allows its non-acid, non-chlorinated formula to attack dirt, grime, soil deposits, and contaminants on evaporators and condenser coils. Its dual quat formula also deodorizes coils and drain pans to eliminate odors. 19 oz aerosol. 12/Case.

Item# 00937301CI

Cutter features a rugged alloy steel frame with integrated in-handle blade storage. Its super-sharp stainless blade slices through leather, rubber hose, plastic, and more with ease. Other features include a handle latch and an extra 3 7/8" blade.
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