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Item# HDA32EEN

Featuring two light modes to control brightness and runtime, this headlight is up to four-times brighter than lights with standard LEDs. It comes with a pivoting head, slide switch, and three AAA Energizer® Max® batteries. Blue.

Item# 650204BR

Bag measures 17"L x 12"W x 4"D and features four mounting holes with brass grommets plus a hook-and-loop closure.
NOTE: In use pictures may show items not included or sold separately.

Item# 4000TS

100-times faster than scissors, this small device cuts through tough webbing with ease. 4 3/4" x 1 3/4". Orange.


AED cabinet features metal construction with "Emergency Defibrillator" text in red. 17 3/8"H x 17 3/8"W x 8 7/8"D. White.
NOTE: In use pictures may show items not included or sold separately.

Item# 107697SPC

Made of all-natural corncob, this grandular product quickly soaks up cutting oils, water, grease, and lots of other liquids. Great for use in machine shops, food processing, aircraft maintenance, and more. 40 lb/Bag.
NOTE: Not recommended for aggresive fluids.

Item# 6441011QC

Wipes are non-woven disposable cloth containing stable low-pH-formulated disinfectant and deodorant. They are designed for use on hard non-porous surfaces where control of cross contamination is required. They can also be used to pre-clean or decontaminate medical devices prior to sterilization or high-level disinfection. 50 Conatiner/6 Case.
NOTE: Not to be used on food contact surfaces.