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Item# 111506GJ

Containing soothing emollients, this crème removes heavy grease, tar, and oil without drying out hands. 4.5 lb cartridge. 6/Case.


Chock is made of reinforced rubber sheets, laminated between thick steel end plates. Its curved surface grips the road for superior wheel holding power, while a welded steel eye helps secure it against loss. 11.5 lb. 11"L x 6"H x 8"W.
NOTE: Chocks should be used only after vehicle is completely stopped and parking brakes fully applied and tested. Position wheel chocks snugly and squarely against the center of the tire tread area of each wheel. Always use wheel chocks in pairs and on firm surfaces. More than one pair may be required. Chock in direction of grade. Chock wheels on both sides of vehicle in direction of grade. Test chocks to ensure they meet your requirements. Always remove wheel chocks before attempting to move vehicle. Do not drive over wheel chocks. Improper use can result in product failure. These guidelines are not intended to be exhaustive. Please review and follow proper wheel chock procedures whenever using wheel chocks.

Item# 8917008JR

Cabinet conveniently stores small containers without taking up floor space. Plus it has the same great features as regular- size safety storage cabinets. Includes one adjustable shelf and comes complete with mounting hardware. Meets NFPA and OSHA. 24"H x 43"W x 18"D. Yellow.
NOTE: In use pictures may show items not included or sold separately.

Item# 58310KC

Pre-moistened with a waterless cleanser, these moisturizing wipes have an orange/citrus scent. 9 1/2" x 12". Green. 8 Containers/50 ea.

Item# 1501GN

Masks provide relief from pollen, common household dust, cut grass, and other non-toxic particles. They include an adjustable nosepiece that contours to fit individual facial features. 50/Box.
NOTE: This mask is for comfort only. It is not a respirator and does not provide NIOSH-approved respiratory protection. 50/Box.

Item# 547001QC

Non-abrasive, one-step disinfectant cleaner is specially designed to cut grease and grime without scrubbing. It also kills legionella pneumophila and a wide variety of organisms as well as fungi, mold, and mildew. It's perfect for small air conditioners, commercial air handling equipment, HVAC cooling coils, and refrigeration equipment. EPA registered for HVAC applications. 18 oz aerosol. 12/Case.