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Fine point retractables have no cap to lose and feature Safety Seal™ valves that prevent them from drying out. Quick drying and non-toxic, they write on almost any surface.

Item# SW050SY

Easy to use and fast acting, this cleaner uses a clinging foam to break up soils and hold them—even on vertical surfaces. There’s no dripping, running, or streaking either. And with its exclusive formula, using denatured alcohol and no ammonia, it cleans thoroughly, dries quickly, and requires no rinsing. 19 oz aerosol. 12/Case.

Item# D550PKCT

Soldering set comes with a dual heat gun that produces 200 W or 260 W. The pistol grip design makes it easy to use, and a fingertip trigger can choose the high or low output. The gun is even lighted for intricate work. Kit contains an instruction book, coil of lead-free solder, soldering gun, case, and three tips—one for soldering, one for smoothing, and one for cutting. 900°F–1100°F. 120 VAC.

Item# 7501LFA

Gravity operated with a 9 gal capacity, this station provides a full 15 minutes of flushing at 0.4 gpm. Its wide opening and threaded cap also make inspection, cleaning, and filling easy. The FDA-approved, high-density green polyethylene tank features a handle on top for portability. And it's easily mounted with the included bracket. Station measures 141⁄2"H x 22"W x 101⁄8"D. Meets ANSI Z358.1 Standard for Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment.

Item# 656011QC

Wipes offer an easy way to clean and deodorize surfaces that see a lot of human contact. Dispenser sold separately. 1600 Container/2 Case.
NOTE: In use pictures may show items not included or sold separately.

Item# 402TAX

Effectively fights Class A, B, and C fires, this unit is a popular choice for offices, warehouses, homes, and more. A steel cylinder and all-metal valve adds ruggedness and dependability. It's also easy to maintain and service.