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Redefining Redistribution

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THOR CONTAINERS Trust® Thor® Round Containers    
THOR LIDS Trust® Thor® Tops    
SVELTE CONTAINERS Trust® Svelte® Containers    
SVELTE LIDS Trust® Svelte® Tops & Lids    
SOFT WASTEBASKETS Trust® Soft Wastebaskets    
GRANDMAID CART AND ACC Trust® Grandmaid® Cleaning Cart & Accessories    
DOWN PRESS Trust® Grandmaid® Down Press Combo & Accessories    
COTTON MOP COMBO Trust® Cotton Mop & Handle Combination    
BLEND MOPS Trust® Blend Mops    
DUST MOP ACCESSORIES Trust® NAELC® Dust Mop Handle & Frame    
MICROFIBER CLOTHS Trust® U-RAG® Microfiber Cloths    
LIGHT CLOTHS Trust® U-RAG Light Microfiber Cleaning Cloths    
ANGLE BROOMS Trust® Angle Brooms    
FINE FLOOR SWEEPS Trust® Fine Floor Sweeps    
MEDIUM FLOOR SWEEPS Trust® Medium Floor Sweeps    
HD FLOOR SWEEPS Trust® Heavy-Duty Floor Sweeps    
TOILET BRUSH AND HOLDER Trust® Toilet Brush & Brush Holder    
COUNTER BRUSHES Trust® Counter Brushes    
BROOM HANDLES Trust® Broom Handles    
WHISK BROOMS Trust® Corn Whisk Brooms